Pre and Post Production

video production services san diegoPeople are reading far less content and choosing to watch more video. As we enter the “age of video,” having a video presence online and in the media is an important factor that puts our clients ahead of their competition.

Southern California Marketing and its partner, Pixel Video Production, offer clients state-of-the-art production techniques including use of high definition cameras, script writing services, editing and marketing services.

Quality, High Definition Production Equipment and Techniques

Our team of professionals provide the latest video and audio production techniques to ensure the highest quality production value. Lighting, sound, on-air talent and content are carefully monitored to craft the most attractive feature segment possible.

Clean, Crisp Editing

The final critical step in creating a great promotional video is accomplished in the editing suite. Our editors use the latest technology and take great care in creating the final feature segment. A final review session is then held to make absolutely sure the feature piece is ready for distribution and marketing.