On the Recent Changes to Facebook.

Recently Facebook has made a few additions to its network that can change the way that companies, brands, or even bloggers interact with their fan base and utilize the site. Here is a breakdown of all of the changes.

1) Pages now have the ability to promote posts. Called “Promoted Posts” this allows marketers to gain an higher expose for an individual post. Previously Facebook limited, based upon an algorithm, how many users are exposed to an individual post, however, with promoted posts, it will get shown to users who are fans of the page AND friends of users who interact with the post. Administrators of fan pages can also select specific targets, like cities or country, where the Promoted Post will be advertised. This is a great way to increase exposure for your content, but of course, there is a catch. Fan pages, in order to use promoted posts, must have at least 400 fans and it costs about 5-10 dollars per post.

2) Facebook also now allows for scheduled posts on Fan pages. Rather than having to wait around until 5:30 PM to post your content, or waking super early in the morning to make sure your post is read at 10AM in New York, this allows you to schedule the post the night before and enjoy your breakfast. Though not entirely revolutionary, especially for users of Hootsuite or similar programs, at least now users can do it in Facebook rather than rely on a 3rd party program.

3) The last new change from Facebook involves admin roles and permissions. Previously, giving an employee admin access to a Facebook fan page gave them access to everything, including analytics, the ability to create posts, comments…etc, now administrator can limit access to specific options for each employee. For instance if you only want an employee to have access to analytics, but no access to posts or comments. Facebook provides a great chart explaining the different roles and permissions for Administrative users.


That’s the gist of the new updates on Facebook. What do you think? Are these a significant improvement? Will they help your online marketing plan or will you not use them at all? Let us know!


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